We are a football organisation affiliated to Christian Football Federation Australia specifically tasked with developing players of all levels aged 12yo and up. We are run by qualified volunteers who are passionate about our mission and committed to success at all levels both individually and corporately.


CFANA exists to support those players who love and work hard on their game and have a passion to succeed but, whether by the selection process or by their own choice, don’t find themselves in Federation programs and would like to try an alternative. There have been and will always be many pathways to the top of the game. Many of the greats within our game never went through a Federation pathway and several got their starts in a Christian/Churches Football club. Tim Cahill, Matt McKay, even Johnny Warren all cut their teeth in Christian Football amongst a very long and distinguished list.


Don’t believe the naysayers. Christian Football has been in Australia for over 100 years and is here to stay. It’s Football with soul, where every player is valued and has a contribution to make. Don’t judge it before you check it out.

Our Values


Everybody has a measure of faith and will place it in something or someone. We choose to place it in the One person who never sleeps, never gets tired, has never lost a battle, is always good, always working to the betterment of mankind and who is completely perfect. If He is for us then we’re good.


“Football is the most important of the least important things in life.” – Carlo Ancelotti

We will seek to train and play the very best football we can in the very best spirit we can for the good of the players, the teams (home and visiting) and for the good of the game. However, it will never be more important than the first two values. Too many families break up thanks to unrealistic demands made through football. Football is what we do but it is not who we are, nor where our value is found. When you die, you cannot take football with you whereas the faith you exhibit and the family you love and empower will make a difference in where you spend eternity.



These come in many shapes, sizes and varieties. All of them have value. If God is all about family then so are we. Even if it looks different to how someone thinks or tells you it should look.


  • Provide players with a pathway to professional development.
  • Support any, whether individually or corporately, who wish to access that pathway in whatever capacity they deem appropriate.
  • To attend the above from a non-denominational, Christ-centred worldview in service to the community.


We are not a Federation or a church nor do we oversee clubs or leagues. Players can choose to connect with us of their own volition and are not required to play for certain clubs or competitions to be eligible. Whilst we exist to support players who identify as Christians, whether personally, socially or nominally, players are not required to be Christian to play for a CFANA team. In this regard, we are similar to a private school which operates within the community alongside public schools.


FFA classifies CFANA as a private provider of football existing in the same category as the Liverpool Academy in Lismore or the Barcelona or AC Milan Academies which operate around Sydney and Newcastle. There are only so many places for players at the top of the tree within the Federation system yet there is an abundance of talent who would benefit from being able to access “next level” competition. We select and train teams throughout the year and then send teams to the CFFA’s National Titles held annually in different cities around the country. Every State we play connects to either an A-League club directly or to a State Federation. For example, Queensland Christian Soccer is a feeder to Brisbane Roar. Victorian Churches Football connects to Melbourne Victory via their Community pathways. Hunter Christian Churches sponsors the Newcastle Jets. West Australian Christian Football is in direct partnership with Football West.


Coaching Philosophy

All Coaches who are appointed with CFANA State teams are certified at specific levels. Head Coaches must combine qualifications with temperament and character, advanced and/or senior qualifications alone are simply not enough. Conversely, there are some fantastic coaches out there who are unqualified for one reason or another. Our coaches are on board with the vision and are advocates for CFANA and it’s relevant State bodies. Whilst a personal Christian witness is preferred, men and women of excellent character who are sympathetic to Christianity and can get on board with the values and philosophies of CFANA will be considered. Coaches at all levels must be role models in every area of life so consequently should not be embroiled in questionable personal circumstances.


There is also no room for “winging it” in terms of session preparation. Coaches will deliver the ascribed CFANA curriculum. Deviation from this may see the coach released from service. This is how we ensure consistency of message, playing principles and patterns of play. CFANA also takes the process of player education and training extremely seriously and to this extent has both women’s and boys National Development Officers appointed for both coach and player education. As CFANA has now established an ongoing relationship with Valencia CF in Spain, it is expected that all coaches attend the formal coaching courses/accreditations in Spain at the appointed times.


All our appointed coaches have the appropriate police and background checks and are Reporting Abuse Neglect certified mandated notifiers of abuse under the Children’s Protection Act 1993 (SA).

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