Training Sessions

This is where it all begins. If the right football behaviours and skillsets are mastered early on then players have the best foundations to succeed at the higher levels of the game. Training is conducted throughout the year regionally and in metro areas by CFANA coaches.


Snapshot of the program:

  • We take great care to avoid schedule clashes or disruptions to existing fixtures or other programs

  • If a session does clash inadvertently with a club game then turn out for your club. Honour your local team and coaches first and get along to our sessions when these are not in conflict.

  • Sessions are not held every week. You’ve got a life, school, homework and parents have work and family and football is never so important that it should unduly burden your family. Make the sessions in your area when you can and just let us know if you can’t make it. We get it.

  • Talented players often get told you must be at such and such a session otherwise you won’t make it. This places incredible stress and pressure on players and families. If you’re talented be diligent and work hard but remember that you can’t play football forever and if you’re good enough, opportunities will present themselves for you.

  • There is no fee to attend training. We are not after your money and we don’t use training sessions as a fundraiser. The only money we receive is to facilitate participation at tournaments or for international opportunities. CFANA staff are volunteers but don’t mistake that for not being professional. We’re in it because we’re passionate about seeing you become as good as you can be.

  • Remember if you don’t make it the first time, there will be another opportunity. You will never be discouraged or told you’re not good enough. That doesn’t mean we won’t be honest. We will constructively advise you of key areas you can improve in and gladly welcome you back to support your growth and when you achieve your goals, we will be the first to congratulate and champion you. 

  • At CFANA sessions hope is always present, grace abounds and we have a lot of fun. Football is always to be enjoyed and not endured.


To register your interest in attending or trialling get in touch through the contact page on this website. Start your journey to where you want to go today!

National Titles

The Australian National Titles run annually and bring together the best amateur players from around the country and from New Zealand in the following age categories; 

U14 Boys, U16 Boys, U16 Girls, U18 Boys, U23 Men and Senior Women (17yo+). 


The tournament is always held in the mid-semester holidays between terms 3 & 4 and is hosted by different States on a bi-annual basis with the cost for players set between $1950 & $2350 depending on host State and flights/transport. Obviously where flights are not required the cost is reduced. There is a multi-player discount available to make it more sustainable for families. 


Referees are all FFA certified and many sending Association’s players are dual registered (both with CFFA and FFA). Several represent their State Federation body as well as their Christian Federation.

Advance Player development

Once you make the State squads and play at National Titles. You can let us know if you want to push for National squad selection and we will make sure that you are closely monitored.


When you demonstrate the character, aptitude and then finally football intelligence to undertake truly professional development you could find yourself in the pressure cooker of one of the best Centres of Excellence globally. This is thanks to our partnership with Valencia CF. Here you may find yourself training on the pitch adjacent to the 2019 Spanish Cup Winners and 2019/20 UEFA Champion’s League squads, the Valencia CF 1st team. Or you could find yourself training and competing alongside teams in Canada, the United States or closer to home in Bali and New Zealand. Its CFANA’s network with clubs globally that could open doors for you. Scouts attend sessions and you are constantly being observed, on the pitch, in the training centres, off the pitch, in the hotel, out in public with reports being made on players who show the kind of character and ability that could be successful in a professional football club.


So go ahead, put yourself in the shopping window. If you can get there, then anything can happen. We never guarantee professional trials or contracts because that’s not what we do. We do however promise to train you and get you in front of coaches who hold the highest qualifications and have the track records of raising up professional talent. What happens next is your story to write.

Coaching opportunities

Good coaches are an integral part of the game and reflect a positive culture from the top down. CFANA has multiple opportunities for coaches to get involved and believes in empowering coaches to make quality decisions and to assist players to make those same quality decisions, in Football and life.


Would you like to join a community of leaders and coach a State side in the cut and thrust of a National tournament? Or perhaps you could you see yourself working at a National level with genuinely elite players. You may even get the opportunity to undertake Professional Development in Spain through Valencia CF.


If any of the above sounds like you we’d love to hear from you. Just get in touch through the contact page on this website!

International Tour Player Selection Eligibility

In furthering the relationship enjoyed between CFANA and Valencia CF, CFANA regularly has scheduled tours for player development, assessment and possible future contract opportunities. These tours represent a unique opportunity for players to be immersed in Spanish professional football where players will train every day at the world-class VCF Ciudad Esportivo in Paterna, Spain alongside the Spanish Cup Champion 1st team.


To be eligible to be selected for these sides, Players must be able to do the following as non-negotiables;

  1. Be available to tour at the scheduled time

  2. Have a current Passport and have privately arranged Travel Insurance

  3. Play at the 2019 CFFA Australian National Titles for a CFANA State side. Players at Nationals playing for other bodies can be considered pending clearance from their body to discuss with CFANA should they express interest and are of suitable ability, temperament and character.

  4. Be financial. They must have a plan to be able to meet the financial criteria for the costs of the trip on time.

  5. Be regular attenders of CFANA scheduled training sessions at Local Training Centres within their State/Region. Players who meet points 1-4 but consistently fail on point 5 will still get to go however their absence in official preparations may mean less potential match time on tour.

Join the team!